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Killer Bees


Class: Insecta

Order: Hymenoptra "Membrane Winged" (Wasps, Ants)

Family: Apidae

Genus and Species: Apis mellifera scutellata (Killer Bee)

The Buzz....

KILLER BEES -- Five years ago, the so-called "killer bee" arrivedin the United States. So far, they are a problem in four states:Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of southern California. Danieltalks with bee expert Anita Collins - at the U.S.D.A. bee lab inBeltsville, Maryland - about the threat killer bees pose to humans.Researchers refer to regular North American bees as "Europeanized"bees and the so-called killer bee as "Africanized." These Africanizedbees are defensive and will not bother humans or animals unless theirhome is disturbed - it's then that they behave aggressively. Coldweather keeps Africanized bees out of most U.S. states. 12:30


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